Kirby’s Steakhouse

Created two plugins and migrated Mustache templates into PHP template partials.

screenshot of
Displaying the output of a REST response on the front end of the Kirby's Steakhouse website. This cut down on content duplication and maintenance time required to make changes.


Working with a small development team, I converted PatternLab Mustache templates into WordPress PHP templates for front-end display on this complex restaurant multisite.

I wrote a plugin for the restaurant's food and drink menus that leveraged custom post types and the WP REST API to minimize content duplication and maintenance time. The theme implemented it by requesting data from custom REST endpoints to display the category list and menu items by group.

Working with BigWing Content and SEO teams, I also wrote a plugin to syndicate content between sites, enabling content to be created on the corporate site and syndicated to individual sites by selecting their checkbox. This enabled content to be written once, but gave each site a local copy that could be indexed separately by search engines.


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