Gutenberg editor resources roundup

I got the chance to present a little bit about the new WordPress editor (Gutenberg) at the OKC WordPress Developer Group meetup this afternoon. I left there with more questions than I had thought of going into it, which is great, but still a bit unnerving. Thankfully, there are lots of really smart and dedicated folks working on the new editor, and have shared what they know already in blog posts, talks, and code. ? Here’s a few of the resources I found most helpful the past couple of weeks as I spent time learning, questioning, and figuring out what to share:

Still some questions

There were some questions I hadn’t anticipated or didn’t have a good (or even bad, in some cases) answer for. Those are the greatest. I’ll list them here and would love it if anyone who has an answer would leave it in the comments.
  • What about Custom Post Types? Do they get Gutenberg support automatically?
  • What happens to my custom meta boxes? How do I register them with Gutenberg?
  • Can you nest blocks?
  • What happens when you remove the comments surrounding blocks?
  • Can you put multiple paragraphs into a single block?
  • What about page builders?
  • How does this work with WooCommerce?

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