Threads of Compassion

About two years ago, Jessica started crocheting with the help of some of the ladies from church, and she is really good. She also has great concern for others and is always looking for ways to help. Put those together and what do you get?

Threads of Compassion OKC.

About a week ago, Jessica followed a link on one of her crocheting sites that took her to Threads of Compassion – a Chicago-based program that knits and crochets scarves for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Excited about another way to serve others, she decided to establish the Oklahoma City chapter of this group and contact the YWCA to see if they could use this service. They readily agreed.

Yesterday, we talked some more about it and how we could move forward. We talked about who else could help from the start with either donations or creations, how to package the scarves so that they’ll stay nice and how best to present them. We decided on a name for the chapter and that we should set up a site to share this work with others.

By we, I mean Jessica. She has such passion for this that I just listen and help where I can.

So, here it is: Threads of Compassion OKC. Our start at a blog to share this project with others. If you’re interested in crocheting, knitting, helping others, providing comfort, or just have yarn that you’re dying to do something with – here’s your chance. Get involved and help someone who’s hurting.

By Morgan

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