Publishing a jQuery Plugin

I’ve written a few plugins for jQuery and WordPress over the past few years, but mostly for specific projects or my own personal use.

The first time I released a plugin (Hashgrid for WordPress) for others to use, I ran into the challenge of maintenance hosting: I didn’t have time to maintain it, and my host ended free hosting and I lost the files.

This was in the olden, pre-Github days.

Now that I’m a little bit more confident in my coding abilities, and in my ability to take criticism through code rhuieviews, it’s time to start releasing more of my work into the wild.

That started quietly for me a few months ago when I decided to publish the code to a WordPress plugin I had written for a project that never went beyond initial development stages. As I was working on a different project, I decided that I would publish anything I wrote that could be used elsewhere. These two plugins are on my Github profile.

Today I published my first jQuery plugin called h5-lightbox. Only this time, I went beyond the borders of my little Github repository and into the official jQuery plugins website.

It’s a simple little thing, but I think the power of it is what I’ve learned about the process of creating and publishing a plugin that will might be used by others, or at least be used to build something better.

This time, though, it’s not in danger of disappearing by accident 🙂

By Morgan

By day I try to solve problems with websites and other stuff using PHP, JavaScript, and shell scripts. By night I hang out with my family, watch TV, and read. I (mostly) embrace my ADHD and the diversity of interests it brings. Lately those include ham radio and taekwondo, but LEGO, Doctor Who, and Star Wars are always in the mix. Faith, family, function().