Can’t Activate iMember360 Plugin in WordPress

Ran into a problem this morning where I couldn’t activate the iMember360 (Infusionsoft for WP) plugin on a local development install. Instead, I got a rather unhelpful error message: “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Okay, thanks for that. I’m running all my WordPress development sites on DesktopServer by ServerPress.… Continue reading Can’t Activate iMember360 Plugin in WordPress

WordPress Broke My Site!

I hear the battle cry of website owners every time WordPress releases an update: “The update broke my site/theme/plugins/heart!” Usually I ignore the wimperings with the knowledge that “good” developers test their stuff with the pre-release versions so there aren’t any surprises. Well the surprise is on me, now 🙁 The WordPress 3.6 update broke… Continue reading WordPress Broke My Site!

Publishing a jQuery Plugin

I’ve written a few plugins for jQuery and WordPress over the past few years, but mostly for specific projects or my own personal use. The first time I released a plugin (Hashgrid for WordPress) for others to use, I ran into the challenge of maintenance hosting: I didn’t have time to maintain it, and my… Continue reading Publishing a jQuery Plugin