Gutenberg editor resources roundup

I got the chance to present a little bit about the new WordPress editor (Gutenberg) at the OKC WordPress Developer Group meetup this afternoon. I left there with more questions than I had thought of going into it, which is great, but still a bit unnerving. Thankfully, there are lots of really smart and dedicated […]
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Developer’s Rhapsody

Is this the real code? Is this thing testable? Caught in an infinite loop No ESC on my new MacBook Open your IDEs Look up in the docs and see How this function works, it’s not very clear; I’ve stack traced, xDebugged var_dumped, returned, console logged. Anyway the logic flows, doesn’t really make sense to […]
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Opinionated Git Workflows and the People Who Love Them

(The slides for this talk have been removed until I can find an accessible and maintained solution. Thanks.) Here are some additional resources for building and documenting your own Opinionated Git Workflow: Let’s Talk About Version Control Systems Pro Git book 10up Engineering Best Practices Homebrew for OS X (contributing guides) How to Write a Git […]
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Using WP-CLI on SiteGround cPanel Account

I recently moved my main site to SiteGround, which has been pretty nice so far. One of the little issues I’ve had has been the same as several other hosts: not using the latest version of WP-CLI on shared hosting accounts. It’s not unusual, and often not a major problem, but I recently came across […]
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Come Join the WordPress Community in OKC

Are you an advanced WordPress user? Core contributor? Theme and plugin developer? Maybe you’re a blogger, or looking to start. Or maybe you just inherited a site and have no idea what to do with it. Great! Come join us as we talk about all these things and more at the OKC WordPress Users Group! […]