Can’t Activate iMember360 Plugin in WordPress

Ran into a problem this morning where I couldn’t activate the iMember360 (Infusionsoft for WP) plugin on a local development install. Instead, I got a rather unhelpful error message: “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Okay, thanks for that. I’m running all my WordPress development sites on DesktopServer by ServerPress.… Continue reading Can’t Activate iMember360 Plugin in WordPress

WordPress Broke My Site!

I hear the battle cry of website owners every time WordPress releases an update: “The update broke my site/theme/plugins/heart!” Usually I ignore the wimperings with the knowledge that “good” developers test their stuff with the pre-release versions so there aren’t any surprises. Well the surprise is on me, now 🙁 The WordPress 3.6 update broke… Continue reading WordPress Broke My Site!

Speeding Up My WordPress Workflow Using Git

I’ve started working with Git as part of my Web development workflow, and am just getting the hang of some of the tools. I’m still running into problems, but it’s mainly where I haven’t taken the time to read Pro Git and learn what it is I’m trying to do. Here’s a quick overview: make… Continue reading Speeding Up My WordPress Workflow Using Git

Publishing a jQuery Plugin

I’ve written a few plugins for jQuery and WordPress over the past few years, but mostly for specific projects or my own personal use. The first time I released a plugin (Hashgrid for WordPress) for others to use, I ran into the challenge of maintenance hosting: I didn’t have time to maintain it, and my… Continue reading Publishing a jQuery Plugin

Fixing Protocol Errors in WordPress Plugins

I recently started a new job as a full-time WordPress developer managing several websites and the myriad of custom themes, child themes, and plugins. This is a lesson learned from an issue I had with one plugin in particular. Using Chrome on OS X, I get security warnings that a script wouldn’t load on a… Continue reading Fixing Protocol Errors in WordPress Plugins